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Dr. Mark S. Jandrlich

Dr. Mark S. Jandrlich is a veterinarian raised in Rainbow City, who came home over 25 years ago to serve his community at Central Valley Animal Hospital.

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Dr. Mark S. Jandrlich, Rainbow City Veterinarian #1

Dr. Mark S. Jandrlich

I enjoy spending time with my wife, 5 kids, 8 grandchildren, 8 dogs, 3 cats, and 1 bird.

I am a graduate of Westminster high school in Rainbow City and started working at Central Valley Animal Hospital in 1976 as a kennel attendant for Dr. Cecil Yancey. For my undergrad I spent 1 year at Gadsden State and 2 years at Auburn, graduating from Veterinary school from the latter in 1985.

I previously owned four animal hospitals in the Atlanta area, but when Dr. Yancey offered Central Valley to me, I decided it was time to come home. After selling all four Atlanta practices I took over Central Valley Animal Hospital in 1995.

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